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A categorical listing of Tools columns to date.

SHOUT OUT - A kid's guide to recording stories - Katie Davis
Real World EQ - Jeff Towne
Processing - Jeff Towne
What Do I Buy? - Jay Allison
Digital Audio - Jeff Towne
Analog Audio - Jeff Towne

Enter the White Stripes - Whitney Pastorek
Unbidden Radio - Jim Metzner

Audacity - Jeff Towne
Voice Processing - Greg McVicar
Level Headed - Jeff Towne
Stupid Fade Tricks - Jeff Towne
Unlocking the MBox - Jeff Towne
From Edit to Air - Barrett Golding
Voice Editing in ProTools - Jeff Towne
Basic Production in ProTools Free- Jeff Towne
PT Free: Setups and Troubleshooting- Jeff Towne
PT Free: Getting Started - Jeff Towne
Digital Editing - Barrett Golding
Enter ProTools - Barrett Golding & Scott Carrier

Marantz PMD 660 Portable "Flash Media" Recorder - Jeff Towne
Sony TC-D5M Cassette Recorder - Jay Allison
Mini-Disc Guide - Jeff Towne
Remote Recording Survival Guide - Tom Lopez
What Microphone Do I Get? - Jeff Towne
Recording Highs & Lows - Barrett Golding
The Basics - Jay Allison

Web Audio
MP3 & Streaming - Joshua Barlow
Real Audio Primer - Joshua Barlow

About Tools
Transom Tools provides technical help for producing programs, from collecting sound in the field, through editing and mixing on Digital Workstations, up to preparing your program for uplink or upload. The columns and discussion boards can help experienced producers negotiate the conceptual shift from analog production and make best use of their tools, as well as folks just starting out with their first projects. We will focus on affordable and practical strategies of digital production that apply to many types of projects, from tape-syncs to long-form documentaries.

For more tools off-site and for dozens of radio production online resources, be sure to check our regularly updated Media News Page.